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Teaching Philosophy

The health and wellness of the mind and body practice of yogaAglaea focuses on embracing mindfulness, acceptance and empowerment of the self.  The main objective is for the individual to experience tranquility and serenity of the mind and body.  With every session the emphasis is placed on seeking to find what our body and mind are willing and capalbe of doing.  Each pose with the breath encourages us to cultivate a movement with space while working somewhere between easy and challenging.  For the safety of our bodies options and modifcations are displayed as needed to develop a place of comfort as well as accomplishment.  The mind and body practice is a continuing journey and whether you practice yoga as a novice or seasoned practitioner the goal is for you to experience true mental, physical and spiritual balance.

Group Sessions

Group sessions is a great way to get started.  The yoga sessions are designed to cater to each individual as a group.  The first part of the session is a short breathing meditation to quiet the mind and energize the body.  Next a series of yoga poses with detailed instructions.  The end of the session is a deep breathing meditation while integrating guided imagery and vizualization leaving you feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and refreshed. 

Group yoga fee:

1 group class 60 min    $25.00 bring a friend and pay $15.00
4 group class 60 min     $65.00 paid in advance

Along with group sessions listed above a private hiking yoga retreat can be scheduled. You may call Monica Barnes, MA, Psychology Health and Wellness Coach for more information at 817-727-7488  or log on to www.yogaAglaea.com

Private Sessions

Private yoga sessions are designed to accomodate all levels of individuals from complete beginners to intermediate to advance intermediate.  The sessions will leave you feeling relaxed, energetic with a mindful clarity.  On going private yoga sessions are designed to suit the individuals needs.  The pulses of private sessions is that there is one on one personal observation and instruction making it an intuitive session and focusing on what the client needs to work on that day.  Private sessions are 60 to 90 minutes long.  Booked in advance at a time and day convenient to each individual client.

The fees  listed below are for sessions at the yogaAglaea studio.  Home yoga sessions are available for an additional fee. 
1 individual private session 60 -  90 min $50.00
4 individual private sessions 60 -90 min $185.00 paid in advance
2 person/1 private session 60 - 90 min $75.00
2person 4 private sessions 60 -90 min $225.00 paid in advance